Wednesday, April 28, 2010

KK Business Trip

Silver Boxes and Rehal available for rental.

English Round Tray and etc available for rental.

Classy Wooden Boxes and Tray available for rental.

Went back to KK last week just to bring all the wedding gift @ hantaran accessories and to get these pics. I have a great and chaos weekend with my family members . Also I've been waiting and expecting a call/appoinment for a potential customer but she didn't return a call. Maybe bukan rezeki but a bit dissapointed. It's okay =).It means I have to work harder to get more and more customers hiring me on their wedding day. Chaiyok!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Floral Pomander Ball

Pomander ball or sometimes we called kissing ball is a great floral piece that can be used for variety of things in your wedding. It is wonderful bouquets, deco and great centerpieces.

Oh you may ask what is a pomander? It is a foam ball covered with flowers (it can be artificial or fresh flowers) to create a ruffly floral ball. A ribbon can be attached or can be hang as decor. You can also prop it on a pretty vase and use it as centerpiece.

If fresh flowers are being used, a sturdy flower such as daisies, carnations, mums, roses or dahlias work best. If you plan on using silk, you can go whatever fancy flowers that you like. Keep in mind that fresh flowers would need to be created as close to your wedding day as possible, while silk/artificial flower will last forever and can be created as soon as you like!

I've been thinking to find some peach and white roses/carnations for a small hanging pomanders to be attached to hand bouquet of my client big day. I hope she will like it.
Happy reading. Zuraihan S.S

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5 Senses to check to have a Glamorous Wedding

I came across an article about Glamorous Wedding from Brides UK Magazine and I would like to share the secret about planning your wedding by going through the 5 senses one-by-one.

  • Touch - For example think about sourcing the oversized good quality napkin, remember that your guests will be seated for over an hour and they will be wearing these for the duration.Check!

  • Smell - Spritzing the reception space with a room spray moments before the guests arrive.Roger!

  • Sight- Beautifully dressed table are key. Mix square tables with round will create some interest. Square and rectangle tables are one of my faves. A square-shaped table is not only can facilitate conversation better than round table, but it also gives a room a clean modern look! They are great for canvases for great printed table runners, interesting floral arrangements and rows of elegant pillar candles. Consult with your wedding or event designer to get feedback about the use of square tables. Each venue is different and may not accomodate square/retangle table. Check!

  • Sound- Opt for live music throughout the dinner and DJ for reception afterwards. Check!

  • Taste - Give special thought on the starter course, which set the tone for the rest of the meal. Roger and OUT!

Happy reading. Zuraihan S.S

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My New Business Card

Oh I'm so in love with my new business card. Yippie...

Every Bride and Groom-to-be Should Know

I'm going to share a few important tips about wedding theme and decoration from several famous wedding planners in Malaysia.

Dais (Pelamin) is created by Nas Great Idea

Nas Great Idea

'Bakal pengantin yg sedang mencari pereka dekorasi terutamanya dalam mencipta ruang pelamin yg terindah adalah dinasihatkan untuk menitikberatkan perincian berikut...

  • Pemilihan haruslah berlandaskan keperibadian anda sendiri. Dari situ, anda dapat tahu gaya,tema warna dan konsep yang sesuai untuk majlis perkahwinan idaman anda. Contohnya, jika anda cenderung ke arah Islamik, konsep yg sesuai buat anda mungkin gaya Timur Tengah.
  • Dari segi pemilihan warna. Nasihat beliau, pilihlah dalam kelompok warna kegemaran anda sendiri kerana ini adalah hari kebesaran anda. Jadikanlah majlis yg berlangsung, turut menggambarkan yg terbaik dari anda.
  • Ketiga pula mengenai konsep hiasan. Jika anda berjiwa lembut orangnya adalah amat sesuai dengan konsep bunga-bungaan segar penuh menghiasi segenap ruang, ibarat sebuah taman nan indah.'

Perfect Day Planner

  • 'Tetapkan tema dekorasi, pilihan warna dan bajet terlebih dahulu sebelum mencari pereka dekorasi. Sediakan gambar-gambar pelamin yg diminati dan juga contoh warna yg ingin digunakan. Malah pasangan mempelai boleh melayari laman-laman web ataupun majalah-majalah yg berkaitan untuk mencari pereka yg serba kreatif dari segi rekaan mereka.'

Dais (Pelamin) is created by Reka Teemor

Reka Teemor

  • 'Pengantin haruslah bijak memilih warna tema untuk majlis bersejarah mereka. Pilihan warna tema haruslah bersesuaian dengan diri sendiri dan pasangan masing-masing. Pilihlah warna tema yang tampak anggun dan tak lapuk dek zaman serta bersesuaian dengan konsep perkahwinan, pakaian pengantin, kad kahwin, pelamin dan dekorasi keseluruhan.'

Dicky D' Fabulous

  • 'Adalah dinasihatkan agar anda melakukan sedikit penyelidikan dan bijak membandingkan antara pengusaha-pengusaha dalam senarai pilihan anda. Ini mampu membuka ruang buat anda untuk memilih pilihan terbaik dari yg terbaik.'

Finally, a quote from a 'small boy' wedding planner like me


"Marriage requires teamwork. So start brainstorming your favourite color and wedding theme for you big day!"

Good Luck and I hope the above guidelines will help you put together the best day of your life without a hitch!

Reference: Ratu Sehari Magazine 10th Edition

Monday, April 19, 2010

My First Official Customer Sneak Peek

These are some of the 'hantaran' @ wedding gift preparations for my first official customer, Miss Myra Izwani to her fiance Mr. Yazid. She will be getting married this coming May. I will be using peach, white and ivory color theme to decorate her hantaran boxes she bought from Bandung. Looking forward to see the outcome of these boxes later. =)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

TheWedPlan and The Biggest Step In My Life!

Hi all!

I'm new in this business and TheWedPlan is now officially ready to serve for all of you in Sabah.

Well, it is not an easy decision for me to step into this business. I quit my high-fly office job with a well known oil and gas company and look what I have become? I'm now a wedding planner!

Why Wedding Planner? I really enjoy organising and taking care of the tiniest details, and becoming a Wedding Planner came naturally to me. Also starting this business will give me the flexibility of time of taking care of my son Aimann.

I'll also be sharing some interesting tips or info with you for your big day. I will be very glad if you can share some informations and ideas with me too.

Lastly, believe me, I can make a difference on your wedding day and would consider it an honor to assist in planning it with you!

Thank You
Zuraihan TheWedPlan

Credit to The Lela New York Wedding Blog - I'm so in love with the header and is using the same header like she's having. =)