Thursday, April 22, 2010

Floral Pomander Ball

Pomander ball or sometimes we called kissing ball is a great floral piece that can be used for variety of things in your wedding. It is wonderful bouquets, deco and great centerpieces.

Oh you may ask what is a pomander? It is a foam ball covered with flowers (it can be artificial or fresh flowers) to create a ruffly floral ball. A ribbon can be attached or can be hang as decor. You can also prop it on a pretty vase and use it as centerpiece.

If fresh flowers are being used, a sturdy flower such as daisies, carnations, mums, roses or dahlias work best. If you plan on using silk, you can go whatever fancy flowers that you like. Keep in mind that fresh flowers would need to be created as close to your wedding day as possible, while silk/artificial flower will last forever and can be created as soon as you like!

I've been thinking to find some peach and white roses/carnations for a small hanging pomanders to be attached to hand bouquet of my client big day. I hope she will like it.
Happy reading. Zuraihan S.S


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