Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5 Senses to check to have a Glamorous Wedding

I came across an article about Glamorous Wedding from Brides UK Magazine and I would like to share the secret about planning your wedding by going through the 5 senses one-by-one.

  • Touch - For example think about sourcing the oversized good quality napkin, remember that your guests will be seated for over an hour and they will be wearing these for the duration.Check!

  • Smell - Spritzing the reception space with a room spray moments before the guests arrive.Roger!

  • Sight- Beautifully dressed table are key. Mix square tables with round will create some interest. Square and rectangle tables are one of my faves. A square-shaped table is not only can facilitate conversation better than round table, but it also gives a room a clean modern look! They are great for canvases for great printed table runners, interesting floral arrangements and rows of elegant pillar candles. Consult with your wedding or event designer to get feedback about the use of square tables. Each venue is different and may not accomodate square/retangle table. Check!

  • Sound- Opt for live music throughout the dinner and DJ for reception afterwards. Check!

  • Taste - Give special thought on the starter course, which set the tone for the rest of the meal. Roger and OUT!

Happy reading. Zuraihan S.S

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