Thursday, April 15, 2010

TheWedPlan and The Biggest Step In My Life!

Hi all!

I'm new in this business and TheWedPlan is now officially ready to serve for all of you in Sabah.

Well, it is not an easy decision for me to step into this business. I quit my high-fly office job with a well known oil and gas company and look what I have become? I'm now a wedding planner!

Why Wedding Planner? I really enjoy organising and taking care of the tiniest details, and becoming a Wedding Planner came naturally to me. Also starting this business will give me the flexibility of time of taking care of my son Aimann.

I'll also be sharing some interesting tips or info with you for your big day. I will be very glad if you can share some informations and ideas with me too.

Lastly, believe me, I can make a difference on your wedding day and would consider it an honor to assist in planning it with you!

Thank You
Zuraihan TheWedPlan

Credit to The Lela New York Wedding Blog - I'm so in love with the header and is using the same header like she's having. =)


  1. I wish you all the best :) I believe you can do it beb!

  2. hai ming.. congrates dear.. hope you'll success..

  3. bah..ready2 nanti jadik freelance photohgrapher.. :P

  4. wow..meng..sungguh aku x sangka ko begitu kreatif !! nway all the best beb!!

  5. thank you apash...wah..terharu aku korang bg semangat.sob sob..

  6. ok ming... hahaa.. aku g practise2 ja laaa...

  7. betul ni? bah.. ada job suda utk ko nih..sedia2 la may nih.. ko mo practise..jum test power..cewah..mencabar ni bah..